So I have an ISO of Windows 10 x64 and I'm attempting to install it on a brand new hard drive. I start by using PowerISO to mount the image to a virtual drive then install it onto VirtualBox using my product key and all is fine so I start the burn. I was told to burn at slowest possible speed so I did, Attached the new hard drive inserted the DVD-R windows 10 install pops up like normal and I start the install, after 9% into "extracting files" it stops and shuts off and I must restart the whole install again. I have tried with several DVDs but after using 4 and getting to the exact same point of 9% I think it might either be my PowerISO software or my actual burner. Any thoughts, fixes, or suggestions? Thanks.

Windows systems since version 7 have not played nice with virtual machines, especially VirtualBox. Why? I think it is because they want to write data, such as the system ID, to the system BIOS Flash memory chip, which is not avilable on most virtual machines. This is one of the reasons why I no longer run ANY Microsoft operating systems, even in virtual machines! The last I could run without problems in a Linux VM was XP... :-(