hi all. I have an issue with my Laptop. It was using windows 7. Currently it cannot startup. after starting it, it only displays the first screen of the builder "HP", then the black screen. I have tried to start it in safe mode by long pressing F8 but it is not responding to that function key. It is only responding to F9, F1, F2 , F12. Can someone help please

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After troubleshooting all the necessary methods, I have solved the problem. I discovered that my laptop had a problem with OS. thus I took another computer, downloaded the OS. I prepared a USB Disk to be bootable through Rufus and created the Windows OS in the disk. Since my damaged laptop could accept the F9 key, I did hard booting and pressed F9 repeatedly to take me to the boot options. I chose the USB Drive, then my computer launched the windows. instead of installation, I chose Repair. Then option for Repair and Restart. My computer came back to working again.....

Good work! Now, you need to scan for viruses. This sort of thing doesn't happen with Win7 unless there is something bogus going on!

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