Asus notebook, Linksys router, Canon do everything wirerless printer and Time Warner DSL modem; initially Win7 but recent upgrade to Win10. Evrything works except the printer (in both Win7 and Win10). I suspect the TW modem as the culprit but can't figure out how to correct it. Getting expensive running to the library and paying for printing.

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Rubberman: the modem looks like a standard dislike modem. 5 blinking lights, cable to tv and to router. (It's my son's setup and he uses a cell phone only but got TW dsl and tv package).


@jay. Connecting printers via USB was the way for over a decade. Prior to that was decade+ of parallel and serial cables. WiFi is pretty new and I find folk screaming "not easy enough."

My answer is to go back to USB since it avoids having to deal with the router or WiFi AP.


The problem with the usb cable as I see it, the laptop is at one end and the printer's at the other.


@jay. All cables I've used over the years have the laptop at one end and the printer at the other end. That's how things are today. I would be guessing that you meant something else like how it is more convenient to use the printers at the library?


That plus...friend dropped by and made the printer wireless !!!! I wasn't there so don't ask. Jd

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