2 days ago I start using windows 8.1, and the first thing that my network access is limited.
at home i use a personal wirelss access point, and it was accessable by my previous windows 7, and from other devices it connects proprly. another thing when i went to college i tried to connect to an open network and it works, but it did not when i went back to home with my local network.

Can Any one help me to fix this problem.

many thanks

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Answer may be as ridiculous as disabling and enabling your wireless card by Fn button on your keyboard. In case that wouldn't work. You can still check in the router, whether you haven't excluded your new IP from access. IP of router varies, it can be or Get into this address from computer that can get onto internet (and that is part of your home network). Login, and search for options that allow people access with specific MAC only.


thank you Aeonix
acually i've figure it out, i've updated my network adapter and everything went well

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