# How to be a good programmer - Tips and Tricks #
Here I am writting few tips and tricks by following them you could be a good programmer, I just want to clear one thing that I am not a good programmer but I'm just trying to become a good programmer. I am just sharing what I do ?

## Make your mind logical: ##
Yet this is very important you have to prepare your mind to do impossible thinks, and always try to different ways to solve a same problem. If you think that your work/programming is Okay, than you can never be a good programmer. Guy ! Juts try to make/solved your program/work with different and optimized way. So juts make yourself creative and logical.

## Do propper commenting on your code ##
yes! always leave a comment or do proper documentation of your code whatever you have to code. This habbit will be helpful to you and other if you again edit or optimize your code.

## Do proper alignment: ##
Write code in a proper alignment, giving you an example:

void sampleFunction(void) 
        printf("Message 1."); 
        printf("Message 2."); 

## Identifiers Must be Meaningful and Desciptive: ##
The identifiers and those things which are defined by yourself to identify some thing, for example if you are declaring a variable to store student's age : the correct forms for variable names are : student_age studentAge StudentAge std_age stdAge

# Here are lot of example by following them you could become a successfull and good programmer #

Article for How to become a good programmer.

Good start Viny. Also, remember the KISS principle - complex code is fragile and difficult to understand or debug. Let each function do one thing perfectly.

Hope you don't mind but I'd suggest you add this.

  • Use a VCS

Don't mind me, what is VCS? The only thing that pops up in Google (thank you hellish SEOs) is Veritas Cluster Server.

Your most important skill as a programmer is the ability to communicate clearly. Develop that skill first.

Never assume that the person you are communicating with has developed that skill. When you are asked to do a job, write down the job (in detail) as you understand it, then get your interpretation verified.

Have principles. Learn when to say no. Many users should be treated like children. Just because they want something doesn't mean they should get it.

Remember that your primary goal as a programmer is not to write code. It is to solve problems. That will likely involve writing code but don't make that your first option.

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