ok. my freind(not any more) got water on his laptop. (toshiba statellite, its 12inch and is gold(plastic) it has core m3)
i by mistake spilled water on it. he now has a keyboard that doesnt work- is there a way to fix this without the need for a crap load of money?
i dunno about the warranty though

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Try an external USB keyboard. if it works, find a new laptop keyboard. The range I pay for these is from 20 to 99 bucks. Time to replace runs from about 15 minutes to 45 minutes. If you are new to this, find youtubes on the model and how to replace.

It is important to NOT power up until everything is dry. I had the same thing happen to my in December of 2014. Open the machine up and let it dry out completely. I thought my machine was toast so I bought a new one. Even after a week it was dead. However, a month later I tried to power it up before sending it to the e-waste depot and it worked. I now have two fully functional laptops.

im angry cuz i told him to turn it off and put it upside down but he didnt listen and kept on playing around with it. it wouldve been ok but he didnt turn it off. now the windows system is glitchy and stuff dissapears from the computer. he didnt listen to me when i said turn it off or it will short circuit. he didnt listen.

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