Hi guys,
i just scanned my computer using AdwCleaner(latest update) and after scanning listed is C:\Program Files (x86)\Speedial so i checked out the folder and in the folder : a folder named bh but nothing in it, FavIcon (ico file), and Sqlite3.dll. Should i remove C:\Program Files (x86)\Speedial ? if not then why is it listed and what is it for?

Also another : C:\END <- what is that?
C:\Program Files (x86)\Mozilla Firefox\searchplugins\Ask.xml <- i dont really use mozilla although it is installed is this file needed?
What about conduit? what is it?

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It probably isn't needed, but look in the add/remove applications tool to see if the system thinks it is installed. If so, use the tool to remove it, and then you can remove the directory. If the tool doesn't know about it, then first try renaming the directory (or moving it to /TEMP) and see if some other application starts to complain.

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