Sunday morning I turn on my computer and I see it’s blinking on and off. Normally it blinks on and off to like boot up or something. I connect my dell laptop to my external monitor. I use a cable with hdmi and the display part on the other side. I plug them in and it shows on the monitor screen.
I sat waiting for it to load but it’s taking longer than usual.I plugged out the power cord and pull the monitor. I remove four little plugs from the side of the monitor, then when plugging in the power cable cord,it shocks me on my fingernail. I had a thought the power cable needs to be changed. Is that it?. Yea so I used my sister’s laptop yesterday while having the monitor plugged in and eating for a longtime hoping for it to boot up or turn on but nothing. The morning when I saw it taking long to boot I connected my laptop to my television to see and it’s working. It display on the television. Do you think it’s the power cable Cord also?. I’ll be buying one today to see if it will work…I’m hoping it does because my laptop screen is broke and ink is running out. Help me please?

The usual fix for a broken laptop display is to replace the laptop display. Not with an external because eventually said laptops will boot and display only on the laptop display.

-> Since it worked on the TV, that's a good sign another monitor is likely to work.

But again, so many have tried to get by without the repair and later discover the external stops working and they are forced to repair the laptop or get another laptop.

Last thing: We only lose what we don't backup. Many continue to keep their stuff on a single PC. When this broken laptop fails altogether your data might be lost. Backup is cheap, recovery is expensive.

commented: I realize that hours ago speaking to my father so he’s going to get it fix while the monitor will just be there put down one side, I guess. +0
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