I need you to recommend me a vps host that provides unlimited & unmetered bandwidths.
Which vps host and their pack do you recommend ?
Gonna run my own searchengine. Building one with php. Gonna start small and so do not want to rent a dedicated server just yet as need to say if my venture picks up or not. Else, waste of resourcses. And time & effort. Not to mention money.
Not interested in cloud hosting as of yet.

This is really a question for

I’m afraid that, on DaniWeb, it will just turn into a spam fest of every single hosting company in existence promoting themselves, and you won’t get any unbiased results.

Truth be told I've never found any with "unlimited & unmetered bandwidths." Maybe one or the other but not both. If they did, my bet is it would be very expensive.


Ok. tell me the ones you found.

commented: None with the criteria you set forth. +17


Sorry, I got your username wrong when tagging you a reply above!

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