Guys, are there any good recommendations?

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You can create a blog and link to your site

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You can create a blog and link to your site

You can get backlinks in several ways, namely:
Through the available social platforms, which is when you link to your site and publish topics on the platform
via website directories
Or forums or sites to share files such as YouTube and Soundcloud

But first, you have to take care of the topics and keep up with the right SEO

Creating do-follow backlinks are helpful to rank your website on search engine. Participating in forums (related niche), blog posting, blog commenting and image sharing is helpful to to get backlinks.

Buying backlinks has the potential to make or break your business, but you must obey the regulations and treat your brand with respect. Avoid low-quality links, don't infringe Google's regulations and risk being punished, avoid spamming outbound links/ anchor texts, and make sure your links are useful. You must also evaluate the links you are considering against your specified minimum requirements – high DA, select for Dofollow links rather than No Follow links to ensure that the link juice is passed, do backlink quality checks, and ask the suppliers the necessary questions. In a nutshell, do your homework. Using our blogger outreach backlink service, we can help you acquire links that satisfy the relevancy and quality parameters Google is looking for. We use a total of 20 link indicators to evaluate the quality of the links we create for you. Furthermore, the links are established entirely by hand, with no use of PBNs or Link Schemes.

Check DA and PA of a website first before making backlinks.

Try to get links from thematic pages. remember that it is important that a given backlink generates traffic to your website.

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