Hi guys,
I am writing to ask help as I have problems of modifying the outlook expresses on different computers so that they could share the same WAB.

The situation is like this: I have two computers(Computer1 & computer2), both have outlook express. But only Computer1 has all the contacts. Very often me and my colleagues have to fight for computer1 to update contact details or sending emails. I just thought if I could make two computer shares the same WAB, then two people can work on same WAB at the same time at the different computers.

Inintially I thought just by simply change the key path in the registry of the second computer: HK_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\WAB\WAB4\WAB FileName
from "C:\Documents and Settings\computer2\Application Data\Microsoft\Address Book\computer2.wab"
to "\\computer1\shareddocs\computer1.wab"

so that the key in computer2 is pointing to the wab location in computer1, the two outlook express on different computers can then share the same address book which is on computer1.

However, when me and other people tried to use outlook express on both computers at the same time, one doesn't respond, and another just simply crashes. I figured this was probably due to the way outlook express access the WAB that ddoesn't allow sharing. But I have no idea how outlook express access the WAB and how I can modify it so that two outlook expresses on the different computers can share accessing the same WAB at the sametime.

I have some programming skill, just need some guidance of how to start, and how I can modify outlook express or add some add-in to it so it can share things. I am sorry to botherd you for this as I really run out of resource for help. I would very much appreciated if you could help me or tell me where to look for help.

You could run an LDAP server on a machine and have any number of Outlook Express copies connected to that server; under the "Accounts"/"Directory Services" are a list of LDAP servers and you can add another one.

You should be able to find an open-source LDAP server somewhere....

Another option is to simply declare one address book the master and export the address book from that machine and import it into the other. That is simpler but requires more coordination and attention to detail each time you update an address.

Dear sir,

As I running the LDAP server on windowsXP, I was wondering that how can I connect outlook express as it starts on LDAP server as Microsoft do not have API for outlook express??? Thank you very much for the help


Did you try the 'accounts...' menu choice, and the 'Directory Services' tab? You can 'ADD' a new LDAP server there, and then OE will look up addresses there.

The LDAP I downloaded is running on the command line. I couldn't quite find the commands relevent 'accounts...' menu choice, and the 'Directory Services'. Are there any LDAP server with graphic interface I could download for windowsXP?

I'm referring to options inside Outlook Express, not in the LDAP server....