I'm looking for some project ideas. I'm interested in doing something innovative and challenging. I'm interested in topics like
1. Artificial Intelligence
2. Networking
3.Image processing
4. Data Compression......etc...
Can anyone give some topics which are hot today....It should also be feasible to be done in 7 months by 4 people....
Plz do reply...................

> .It should also be feasible to be done in 7 months by 4 people....
Who between them don't have enough to come up with a project by themselves.
So much for "innovative".

The "challenge" is a bit shaky as well. What if my "can be done in a wet weekend" is a challenge to you lot?

TBH, we get several "please think for me" types driving by every week. For some of us, it's just sport to figure out new answers.

If you were interested in those topics, you'd come up with a project yourself. Actually you'd think up of a number of projects. You'd be spoiled for choice of projects if you were interested. You wouldn't need anyone's ideas to get started.

Guys we are going throuhg a lot of topics. Just thought we can get a few more ideas.
Thanks a lot.....

Design a spam filter based in IPV6 address .

Thank you for the first valuable reply....
We are very much interested in spam filters. "based on IPv6 address" are you talking about something different than the "junk e-mail spam filters"? Can you provide me with some references?
waiting for your reply..