Hi i m in TY computer science from maharashtra college. I m asked to prepare a project on VB.NET and i m quiet ocnfuse about the topics onto which i should prepare.So its a request if u could please help me regarding the same..

thank you

Privacy Preserving Data Mining system.
Distributed middleware for web services using advanced secured system
Network signature based on intrusion detection system
Mining prefetching and caching for network storage system
Voice diffusion system
Semantic web services on query based system for automatic invocation
Dynamic load balancing for distributed mobile mining
Bug tracking
Web content adaptation to improve server overload
Classified maintenance and process control system using SOA
Video Synthesis and monitoring System
Banyan Trade Capture System Using SOA
Advertisement Tracking System Using SOA
E-Blotter for mobile shop management Tool
Mobile Shop Maintenance System Using Desktop Application
Open Source Data Feeding System Using Web .
Management Information Maintenance process using AJAX Tool Kit
Unveils Strategic framework for client relationships and monitoring system
Web Portal Real Time Operational cognitive Content Management System
Information Barrier and Control Program Implementation
Procuring Information and reconciliation maintenance system
Information Control System Using .Net
Mortgage controller and Trade Capture System
Dynamic Demand Resource management Framework using Web .
Multi-Million Dollar maintenance Using WLS Algorithms
Integration of Data source for answering Semantic Web Service
Work In Progress management System
I-Recruit monitoring System
Chit-chat generation and discussion analysis Process
E-blotter management and code endeavour control system
Aurora system for job mailer and scheduler Networks
A Security oriented chat scheduler for heterogeneous Distributed system
Real time Blog generation and control access and denial system
Information Streaming process and security control system using SOA

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