Hello, good day to everyone! May I ask the help of those who know how to write computer science thesis paper. I have a problem. Please help me. I am confused what really are the chapters included in a thesis outline..pls help..

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Take your thesis apart into chapters and sections. Each chapter is a main point in the outline, each section is a minor point in the outline. Below the minor points, make a one-line summary of each important point in that section: Those are the minor minor points in the outline.
At the top, right after the title, make a one paragraph summary of the thesis. Not more than 5 sentences. Example:

I will prove that there are more white than brown cattle in the Indian sub-continent. The proof consists of doing statistical analysis on actual data from a small segment of the area. The analysis will make extensive use of Schubak's principle as well other metonymic devices.

Thanks so much for the idea..I am really confused what should be the chapters included in the thesis outline. is the results and discussions included?

why don't u go to university's library and find out what previous students do in their thesis
U can compare several thesis to give u an idea
Usually Table of Contents is similar to outlines

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