Hello, I'm not quite sure this is the right forum to post this kind of stuff to but I'll ask anyway. So, what the title says, is there any implementation of the Logo programming language that targets the .NET Framework? By that I mean I want to be able to make function calls to .NET libraries inside my Logo application and use the respective functions (e.g. Console::WriteLine in Visual C++). So you might ask, why use Logo in the first place then? Well, the answer is very simple; we're being taught Logo at school this year but I've been studying C# and VB.NET for a long time myself (personal hobby) and, in addition to that, I find Logo's syntax horribly ugly to say the least, so I was hoping I could use .NET code and basically just get away with it. That's it. Thank you in advance.

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OK, thanks for your help. I read the tutorial, but I didn't quite understand how to make the calls inside the Logo app, though (not being a native English speaker myself, I sometimes find it difficult to understand some stuff). So, could you tell me how to do it step by step? Thanks again sir.

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