Hi, is knowing HTML, CSS and Javascript sufficient enough for getting an internship somewhere? I'm currently a full-time college student. I'm really worried about not knowing enough for one. What was your first internship like?

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That's a good start, but I wouldn't think it would be enough (FYI, I'm more of an application developer and never interned). Client-side scripting (JavaScript) is still extensively used; however, many sites are using server-side scripting as well these days (e.g. PHP, ASP or ASP.NET). Also, AJAX really helped push things along by giving client side scripting the ability to load additional information from a server without having to refresh a page, which made the web seem much more dynamic.

I would definately look into at least those. You should probably try and take some time to look into databases and SQL as well. I would recommend going to a site like W3Schools and going through as much as you have the time for (although their tutorials aren't always the best, you can at least get a good idea of what's out there). The more you know, the better your chances will be right?


As a web developer, I suggest learning about the server-side scripting mentioned in the above reply. If the company you're going to intern at is a company that develops websites that utilizes changing content similar to forums, news websites, or social media websites, there's a very good chance you will run into php or asp.net. Research the companies you're planning on applying to. Sometimes you can find out what other skills from their website or HR person.

Good luck in your internship search. Keep learning new skills and continue to hone your previously learned skills.

People skills are a great attribute as well.


Yes, you must learn PHP. If you want to go completely in the web developing then you must be well versed with any one of the programming language like PHP, Java or .Net. And amongst these I think PHP is best now a days. It is also simple and is widely used.
Best of luch for your internship.

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