Good day all...i am a final year student of computer science and am finding it hard to choose my project topic. Pls any idea cos i am seriously in a fix now? pls

Intelligent x elevator y floor system. Example x=3 y=10

  • Develop an extension of the ELF object format and the Unix ld linker that allows for C++ template functions to be separately compiled. Kudos if you can fit the extension into the existing format without changing the underlying structures, such that existing linkers can still use the extended format when the extensions aren't being applied.

  • Make up a toy language of some sort with some feature you've always found missing in other languages. Write a simple compiler or interpreter for the language. Defend the addition of the new feature with example code and statistical analysis of its performance and impact on the length of programs.

  • Develop a modified Clipboard/kill-ring with multiple levels of undo, such that users can visually choose which changes to recall from a history of previous alterations.

  • Develop a Linux or FreeBSD variant with system-wide garbage collection, integrated into the paging system. Provide analysis of the impact on both performance and security.

  • Develop a workable model of persistence and objects in untyped lambda calculus.

  • Develop a proof (or disproof) for the Church-Turing Thesis.

Evil minded, you say? Why, thank you.

What type of project you want means a web-based project or want to develop any application using any progamming languages or you just want to give thesis?
As during my final year, I did one thesis on Intelligent Agents and two web-based projects: one is Supply Chain Management and the other one is Mailing System.

commented: about the mailing system...any help on that? am looking forward to creating a web based project +0

still waiting for that random project idea generator...
Or "porject topic generator" to use your idiom.

Come on kids, it's a brilliant idea, you can save millions of kids like yourself the trouble of thinking up their own project ideas by making that.