I find a lot of students studying computer science or BSc IT who realize they have a project to submit in their final year and are clueless what to do and how to go about it. Surely there are people who can help guide in this, however a comprehensive list is hard to find (or non-existant). I wanted to get a list together so our soon-to-be-graduates have a place to look to.

And what better place than daniweb.

If you help final year students (engineering, bachelors, computer science, IT) I'd be most obliged if you can write about what you can help people with.

Disclaimer: I was running an IT Services company until 2009 and currently work with a startup as head of IT. I give tuition and help students with their final year projects - primarily from an analytical guidance perspective.

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the main problem is that the vast majority of them don't want constructive help, they want their entire project done for them, handed to them on a golden platter, so they can submit it as their own and get that diploma to wave around at recruiters.

If they'd done any real work at all in their studies before, they'd be able to come up with a project proposal (especially as they would have a teacher assisting them, and/or someone in industry if they're going to be attached to a company as an intern).
But those people you won't find here asking "give me final year project idea", they're not going to ask questions that can be distinguished from a junior professional asking for help on details of their first jobs.
What we get instead are the lazy ones who've been partying for years rather than studying, and expect to now go on partying rather than working.

J, I get that - in fact since I've been trying to help these guys with their project work I see it in person - and it's a very real situation.

However another thing I've seen myself:
1. They don't know what an end-to-end project is because they've never, honestly seen anything like it. All they've seen are programs that someone made and nothing beyond. (I've seen this myself)
2. Their teachers sometimes are not in a position to be able to help - I have tried to speak with CS department HODs are my alma mater and I find they're good people but not able to help with a complete project. Not even concept. Or documentation.
3. The study workload may not be infinitely high, but then its more important than the value of a good complete project - so students tend to spend more time on theory and practicals and goodness knows what else.
4. Some students DO actually manage to make programs (not full fledged projects) and they're usually the early birds that come out to ask for help - but they lack focus and direction.

I was a student myself not too long ago and my projects stole the show every time. If we offer more help can we not make everyone's project so spectacular that the judges really have to CHOOSE?

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