Choose a problem that interests you and which can be solved with a program. This problem will be the foundation for your homework assignments and presentation; this is the problem for which you will design a solution during this course.

Your chosen problem should be of reasonable complexity. If a program to solve the problem will require approximately a dozen classes (not counting graphical user interface classes), then your problem's complexity is probably about right. I strongly recommend your problem be something that requires a database or other data storage.

Write a short description of the problem you choose. Your description should be a few paragraphs, up to a page, and should give me enough information so that I understand the problem you wish to solve. I will review your description to ensure your problem is appropriate for the homework assignments in this course.

In addition, your problem description must indicate if you will be working with a partner, and identify that partner. If you will be working with a partner, only one of you needs to submit the description.

This problem description will not be graded, but if you fail to submit it I will deduct points against your Homework 1 assignment.

Hint: It might help if you use the System Request Template from chapter 2 of our textbook. Use your imagination, make up a company name and a business need that reflects the problem you wish to solve. This will help you get into the mindset of someone working for a company and really doing this work.

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So, you have published you teacher's original (copyrighted?) assignment here.
And what did you expect to achieve by that?