well remember i told you that i didnt know what i'ma study well i now i do since i was adviced away from computer science by many ppl i wanted to take a computer realted feild so what is the most related thing to computers these days. the internet!
so i decided to study telecomunications.

it pays well and is a feild i think i would be interested in so "telecomunication engineer" it is
hehe it even sounds good :).

just thought i would let you guys know.

any comments opionions or advice on the matter? i'd love to hear what you think.

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Congrats to you :) I have an A.S in Software Application Programming....and am in my B.S for Information Systems Security....But you know what! I think I wanna be a game developer :shock: lol. So at anyrate knowing is half the battle according to my inner child who seems to be quoting G.I Joe in my head ;) . I am about to start my first game... a tetris knock off ofcourse! So i guess when I finish it I will know if im cut out for that field. Good luck in your studies!

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