Hallo everybody,
newly I installed OracleUnivEx 10g, and also I am able to connect to Oracle by its own Web-GUI, but the problem not recognising the MySQL commands like "create database "db_name"" and others like SELECT, INSERT, and ...

any idea please? how to create database in Oracle and modefy it...

Hi again,
I can create table, and insert data into the table, but I can not create database, and I dont know the tables I created is inside which database?

can any one please tell me How can I create database in Oracle?


Please do not try MySQL commands in SQL.

creation of database is diffent in oracle .
Refer to books/manual for details.

if you have oracle server installed in your system then it must be the default database name or the name you have choosen at the time of installation.

If you donot know the name of the database how you have connected to the server.

If using only username and password to login then check in the default database in your system.

I installed OracleXE 10g, and I have username and password, and I can do everything, table creation, view creation, deletion, updation and so on... but I can not create database, it mean s all those are done in the default database named XE.

BUT I like to have my own database and do something on that...
could you plz guide me through that... I read the manual but there mentioned about tablespace, and path and temp and something like these...

XE supports a single database, which the installer creates.
That's the main limitation of the product, as is very well documented.

If you want more capabilities, you need the full Oracle 10g (or 11g) product, which is available for sale (or for qualifying people for free for test/eval/development purposes).

Thanks for the information,
Then I can not find the one to be able to create databases and do some more options