hi,can any one help me in my project.actually, i have decided to do project on ebanking but the problem is where to start from and how to decides the content of the table and its schema as banking has many dimension but i think i would like to focus on major sections of ebanking.moreover,i have visited a bank which promotes ebanking but they just told me about there schemes as that are also present on their website but they didnt tell me how do they manage database or if they develop a website for ebanking what would be their requirements. please, kindly help me how to start working and how to design it.

Well at least you said the most important word towards the each of this request.


If you don't know what you want to do you have no hope of doing it. Sit down with a pen & paper and write down all of the requirements that you think are necessary for an eBanking system. You'll find that there are loads. Perhaps you'l go back to your tutor and limit the scope of your project, down from multiple PhDs to an MSc or even a BSc.

So -

1. Define your requirements

2. Review the scope of your project

3. Decide the data you need to fulfill your requirements

4. Normalise your data

5. Start drinking heavily

6. Build database

7. Investigate UI

8. Start programming UI

9. Start doing hard drugs

10. Drop out of school and become a consultant to your government.



actually ebanking is a big and complicated projects
u need to understand the banking operation and the most important thing is security and communication security
they are absolute prerequisite in my opinion

hello every one i am so so so puzzle i am in final semester of my bcs honor and i am worried about project i was ill so i cant go with any of group dear friend i dont know what to do i need project i have just 2 months plz plz help me

You may look there for Data Models. Perhaps you find some suitable conceptions/ideas there.

-- tesu