Hello all, I do hope it is not a sin to say Mod in a Game Development Forum but I coudn't find another one that would cover this. I would like to do a pretty big overhaul to a game. I am IT and I do some web development, I am starting my Master's for Software Engineering next month, I have changed some game files for my own unique taste but never on a grand scale, like changing the way a map looks, unit design, etc... So I have some basic understanding of programming and mostly focused in web development and sql. I know the devs offer Mod Tools but I can not see how someone does a huge overhaul of a game on what they give you. I am wanting to basically make a new game but use the same setup as a particular one. What other tools, perferably free but do not have to be, is out there that would allow me to take on such a task? If it helps I am wanting to create a mod for Medieval Totalwar II. However, if successful and I enjoy it, I would like tools that allow me to work with other games as well. Thanks in advance.

Let me warn you .... modding is not the way to go if you have no previous experiance with game programming. Sure, you will be able to get some fancy effects to the screen, but mostly you would be just twiddling with settings... and that's not really making a game.

But the choice is yours so:
Content: http://gpwiki.org/index.php/Tools:Content
Programming : http://gpwiki.org/index.php/Tools:Programming

Also checkout the documentation for the SDK that came with the game.

I would recommed you start with some really simple games like pong or tetris. You will learn a lot during the process.

I did my first game with minimal knowledge using DOS graphics in about 2 weeks. It was a snake clone (I never did get around to doing a text game). It's not very hard.. and then you can move to higher level games quickly once you have an understanding of the basics.

Not to say modding is not game development, I've seen a lot of mods that really are good and do significant changes to game play. But I still hold playing with settings and art of a game is not really game development.

Have fun ^.--