i need help i need help finding a 3D engine thats free to start with moduleing program and other stuff to make an RPG game with and does anyone know where to ask for people to be on my staff
if ur ganna ask if i am a noob at 3D game making i am new to it

and i realy aperise the help

ps: im a bad speller lol


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Spelling and Punctuation are important - Use spellcheck if nessary
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If I thought it was readable, I wouldn't have offered my advice. Sorry slick, but you lack the communication skills to succeed with your game. At the very least, you'll be doing it all alone, and that's usually a recipe for failure.


and not only does it lack the communications skills to succeed, it also lacks the common sense to take to heart advice offered.


Wow... I wouldn't have called that "advice" as much as "criticism", but perhaps that's just me...

To get to the heart of your question: Are there any free 3D engines and modeling programs available to help you create an RPG? The answer is "yes", there are, but they come with a pretty steep learning curve.

We get this question quite a bit around here, as you can probably imagine. So much so that there should probably be a permanent thread entitled "Before you ask how to make a game, read this!". I'm not saying this to be funny or rude, just to make the point that ... well ... there are tons of new-comers to DaniWeb who come here asking about making games.

If I were to write that thread, it would read something like this:

First of all, while there is merit in questions about 3D engines and such, that is really not the heart of your game. Before you make the decision to start creating your masterpiece, whether it is an RPG, RTS, FPS, etc. you should be WELL VERSED in a programming language. Now, there is the great debate about which language(s) are best suited to writing computer games, and good arguments for each. I'm not going to get into that right now, but what I will say is this: you had better be pretty darn good at one or more of those languages before you even think about designing and coding something that is dealing with the math involved in 3D graphics, physics, collisions, and the like. This is not something where you can necessarily pick up a book and learn in a few sittings. Like anything else, it takes practice and patience.

Another thing that I would recommend learning about, and attempting to apply in a practical way before starting down the path of game design, is the software life-cycle. Most specifically, the "design" phase. I've been writing software for over 20 years, and if there's one thing I've learned, it's that attention to the design can save you days or weeks in the coding. In fact, the design of the software system should take the longest of any of the phases of the life-cycle. For example, the project I am currently involved in... the design took about a year and a half. We wanted to make sure we got all the details correct before we started coding, because any missed detail could be cause for a re-write.

I'm not writing this to discourage you from making your attempt. Many, many great games were written by individuals with a good idea. I just want to make sure that you, or anyone who is aspiring to create the next big computer game, understand that it takes a whole lot more than just a good 3D engine to make it happen.

Good luck!

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Wow, Great job of answering this all too common question
good advice.

that was more help then the others thank you

ps: im mean if u put up stupid stuff then i act it

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The "stupid stuff" was your own to begin with. You can't blame others for that.

I guess you should you should start learning C# or C++ if you have not still.
OGRE3d is a great graphics rendering engine. Although all the features needed ( as described above have to be added by PIRATE) have to be embedded through external libraries. But, you will find a good help at the forums.

Also, the OGRE3D is available for free download. I guess, it is the best free availabe graphic rendering engine available.

You may also download other free game engines to start with. But, none of them will be able to provide the graphic quality as good as OGRE 3d in the free category.

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