I'm doing a school project on how math and physics are used in video games, and I'm trying to find things that I could talk about. The main idea I have right now is how trig is used to calculate the changes in x and y values of an object based on its speed and direction to get full circular movement, but I can't really think of much else worth talking about that I really understand. I thought of gravity/friction, but that's a bit simple (just adding or subtracting a value to the x or y values of a velocity). I suppose I could also talk about collision detection, but that's also a bit simple (at least simple 2D collision detection to the degree that I understand it).

So I was jsut wondering if anyone had any ideas for things I could talk about. Try and keep them from being too complex if possible.

Thanks to anyone that helps! :)

Two areas you could talk about is how mathematics is used to determine shadows and movement of the camera. Read up on Projection Matrices and the Phong Model as a starting point.

It sounds like a very interesting project. Good luck and enjoy :)

Get a good book on maths vectors algebra if you want to understand the concepts, go to www.flazx.com you will find many books there . All these , gravity , acceleration , reflection are all implemented using vectors (2D in screen Space OR 3D) and as "Darkagn" said in his post "Projection Matrices " I think you should talk about Transformation using Matrices thats for match, for physics huu... simple linear motion just (s=ut+1/2 *a*t*t) just talk about how you can use them. Well If you know about light and shading models(phong or Gourad)
then you have lots of topics to talk about .

Good Luck