I know that C++ is (supposed to be) the best language for game developing. Would it be possible and/or easier to make a game like the awsome ones you always see at the apple store like StarWars Empire at war in cocoa? Would obj-C or obj-C++ be better?

I don't know which awesome games you saw at the apple store (especially because apple isn't too well known for games), but even if you were using C++, you would not be able to create a game like Empire at War on your own. My guess is 20-30 programmers alone worked on Empire at War, and when you bring sound people, game designers, 3D artists, testers, etc. into the mix, I'm guessing the count will be around 100.

I'm not familiar with Cocoa, so I don't know whether it would be possible to program a game of the likes of Empire at War with it, but I'm just saying that that's likely the least of your worries.

I don't know much about Cocoa, other than it uses Quartz which is mainly used for windowing and simple 2d graphics. I would only use it for applications and not games. I recommend you use OpenGL if you plan on making those awesome games.

Personal Conclusion: C++ /w OpenGL for awesome games.
Cheers and happy game-deving! lol

I have a book on C++, and I've got it down really well, but it doesn't have anything on OpenGL.
Where would I find a decent guide/book on OpenGL?

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