I'm thinking about buying a opengl game programming book that looks pretty good, but its dated at being published at 2001. If you know anything about this book just please post.


Here's link to the book. Check it out.

Well it looks like a good book, and gamedev is a good source for openGL game programming. Consider first going through the NeHe Tutorials, that's a great start for openGL rendering (but the advanced tutorials are a bit outdated, in the sense that better techniques exist today).

About the book being outdated, well openGL is fully backward compatible, so anything that was working before, still works now on newer hardware. The problem is that when you reach roughly the second half of that book (from looking at the chapter lists) there will be things for which there are better techniques today (like pixel-shaders, render-to-texture, etc.).

So for a starter, I would suggest you go through the NeHe tutorials for all the basics, get to know the OpenGL Red Book and Blue Book (and the rest of the documentation at opengl.org). Then get a newer book for openGL that includes more recent things (especially pixel-shaders, now-a-days, don't get a book that doesn't talk about those, same goes for render-to-texture). This is because if the book doesn't cover all the newest things, only the basics are relevant, and I can tell you that you will go through the basics pretty quickly and then the book will be useless.

I may have missed something important in the newer important features, because I am, myself, a bit outdated on opengl stuff. But understand that all the basics are the same, opengl is incremental, first make a window, learn projection and modelview matrices, add polygons, bind textures on them, add some basic lighting, create display lists and vertex-buffers... these things have not fundamentally changed in the past 10 years or more (although some may have improved and better features might exist to make it nicer-looking or faster.. but you have to learn to walk before you run!).