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I am currently looking into making my own flash game. I'll have my bachelor's degree in computer science next year so I am pretty familiar with programming. I am pretty bogged down with school work, but I still want to be able to create a few simple games just to get started. I have experience in OpenGl, but I feel like that could get complicated and if I get stuck I might not finish. So I decided to try to make some simple flash games since I heard they are not too hard. I've downloaded Adobe Flash Professional CS5 and I was wondering if anybody had any good tutorials for game programming using this. I found a few but none seemed to be what I was looking for. I don't have any experience with actionscript 3.0 or adobe flash professional. I found some highly recommended books but the latest version was for Flash Professional CS3. Will this be an issue? They are both actionscript 3.0. Anyway any advice would be appreciated, even if you suggest going a different direction than flash games.


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try this site http://flashgameu.com/ it really helped me alot in creating flash games, from beginner to expert best tutorial ive found so far, ive learn most in that site. And made a couple of games as my project in school..


i don't know a lot about game design, when u create the flash game,i'll play it and give u feedback :)


There are many kind of flash games available and you also play online and like action game,driving game,Fighting Games,Defense Games,Adventure Games,Action Games.

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