This is probably in the wrong place but I've looked everywhere for help, and nothing yet.

I have a game save for an indie game, and I'm trying to edit the amount of coins I have. The method I have tried hasn't worked and I'm unsure why. Here was my method:

1) Open the game save in HxD (or a hex edit program)
2) Assuming I have 10000 coins, search for the integer 10000
3) This will highlight the hex value for 10000
4) Then replace this value with something like 30000
5) Rehash & Resign the save
6) I should now have 30000 coins instead of 10000 coins....but I don't

The developer of the game is fine with me trying this btw. Any ideas would be really helpful. I can send you the save if you would like. I just like messing around but it's annoying me because I can't see what I'm doing wrong.

Thanks in anticipation

If you're in communication with the game developer, why wouldn't you just ask him/her how to make the changes you're trying to make?

Unfortunately, there is no "industry standard" for how saved games are stored on the hard drive. The developer could be using any of a dozen common formats, or develop one of their own. I wouldn't be able to give you any assistance with deconstructing a file of any kind without first knowing what kind of file it is.

That being said, I'm not sure I would want to help you even if I knew how. By doing this you're obviously circumventing what the developer intended to be the player's experience. Additionally, if this game is any kind of multi-player game, this could be giving you an unfair advantage over the other players (I'm assuming 'coins' are used to buy something in the game), and that is flat-out cheating. The online gaming world already has plenty of cheaters.

If you're trying to understand how something works to use it in a game you are developing yourself, you would be much better off asking the developer for assistance, or ask the question here, "How can I create save-game files similar to those used by game X?"

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