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I've recently started doing research on this topic but to no avail as i'm not getting the answers I wanted so I'm here once again:

My question:

I need to develop an application to run on a normal desktop, but as an extension we would like to run it on the 3 main mobile device platforms aswell...The application requires Database Intensive queries...you could compare it to a POS (point of sale) system if you want to. Now my first thought was to move it to the new HTML 5 and javascript, but since I've never done this I dont know if running a web based application of a local (as in on the local network 10ft away) server would give me the same speed and feel as a desktop application? I wanted to move to HTML 5 or any other web based platform cause its my understanding Ill be writing one application instead of 4 or maintaining 4 for that matter? is my logic correct here?

Would I be better of developing a Mobile app and a Desktop app or would the web based version be good enough in terms of speed and efficiancy to do it thataway?

Extra notes:
The server will run the main program or web service.
Desktops or mobile devices connect to the server and its DB.

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Everyone wants to do the smart thing here. If i can run one html 5 page and not develop for different mobile platforms, why not. My own company is facing this decision and i think they are going to try html 5.

My main gripe is i think the app offers a more direct and personal delivery of whatever you are providing to customers with more control long range. I'm in the process of taking a project i did for android and essentially doing something similar on ios. I think the key for development on multiple mobile platforms is to to let the apps share a similar design and data as much as possible.

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