From last few days I'm noticing that restaurant app industry becoming very popular and increasing interest of restaurant businessman's to use apps for their restaurant. can restaurant app really increase business?

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You work for a company called Imenucards. It wouldn't happen to develop a 'restaurant app' for you to plug in a minute, now would it? Sigh...

When I'm in the ice cream bussiness and I have an app promoting my ice cream, that would surely decrease my ice cream incomes...
Do you get wet when you stand in the rain?
Are you trying to force an open door?

cheap spam attempt.

As to "does an app increase business": maybe, depending on your intended clientelle and whether those have other means of finding your company.
As to "does my app increase business to a degree larger than the cost of creating and maintaining it": probably not.

I agree with jwenting. Just like every marketing tools, app has also some limitation.

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