I am trying to replace a string with another string in a string, but it is just not happeneing and is driving me crazy :@ and I am really confused :confused:
Here is the snippet :

Dim strHex2 As String
strHex2 = strHex.Text
Dim Mystring2 As String
Dim GG As Integer

GG = FreeFile()
Open ("d:\ImageHex.dat") For Binary As GG

'For a string, do this:
Mystring2 = Space(LOF(GG))
Get GG, , Mystring2
txthex.Text = Mystring2

Close GG

Dim strRTF As String

Dim strIMHex As String

strRTF = rtfTxt.Text

Dim Mystring3 As String
Dim strHex3 As String

Mystring3 = Replace(Mystring2, Chr(32), "")

strHex3 = Replace(strHex2, Chr(32), "")

Dim strResult As String

strResult = Replace(strRTF, Mystring3, strHex3)

so, strResult is the same as strRTF with no changes, and i dont know why?
Please HELP!!!!

one more question, is replace function case sensitive?

By default, yes. Unless you have

Option Compare Text

Here's an example

Dim str As String
str = "ABC"
str = Replace(str, "b", "x", , , vbBinaryCompare)

results "ABC" and vbBinaryCompare is the default compare method in VB6

str = Replace(str, "b", "x", , , vbTextCompare)

results "AxC".

If you put a breakpoint in the line

strResult = Replace(strRTF, Mystring3, strHex3)

what would strRTF, Mystring3 and strHex3 contain?

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