I have a database all up and working and now need to create a grid view.

I am very new to VB and have been using the book Visual Basic in easy steps by Tim Anderson. On page 108 it describes how to create a grid view. In the text he says to use 'Microsoft Data Grid Control' but the image in the book shows 'Microsoft Data Bound Grid Control 5.0 (SP3)'.
The options in my version is slightly different, the closest one in my version is 'Microsoft DataGrid control 6.0 (OLEDB)' But whenever I try it I get a...

No compatible data source was found for this control. Please add an OLDEB data source such as the Data Environment or Microsoft ADO Data control to the form or project. error.

I have tried placing an ADODC controller in the frame which is what the above erros implies I need but grid is still blank.

I have also tried using the 'Microsoft FlexGrid Control 6.0 (SP6)' which does work but I am not sure if this is what I should be using???

Most confused.

Where am I going wrong?

Many thanks

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Have you connected the ADODC control tot he database and the grid to the ADO contol by selecting from the propeties.

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