I use a software called HD-speed to test the speed of my USB hard dirve. when I test the write speed, it destroy the data in my hard dirve. can I restore my data back?

I find that the method used by HD_Speed to read/write is the following Win32 API calls: CreateFile(devicename,...), ReadFile() and WriteFile(). I don't know how the Win API calls work. so is there anybody tell me how to restore the data in my hard drive

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>can I restore my data back?
There are a number of software packages that "undelete" deleted files, but I wouldn't expect too much from them if I were you. In my experience they're hit or miss (with a tendency toward miss). Real restoration is a very expensive manual process, so unless you had life altering data on that drive (silly little man, this is what backups are for), I would say write it off as a lesson learned.

it destroy the data in my hard dirve.

It really depends by what you mean "it destroy the data in my hard dirve". If you mean the entire USB drive was overwritten then your data is gone. If you mean it changed some of the data on the drive them yes you can probably piece some of it back together through a long and tedious journey of hunting and searching...

In Linux its a simple matter of opening the device in a hexeditor and searching(Note this method assumes you know what the file and disk format is)

Also - shouldn't this be posted in the hardware section

thank you very much for your help. In fact, only very little part of my hard drive is overwritten and most of them still untouched. will you please tell me where can I find some free software which can recovery them? by the way, I am not very familiar with Linux system.

sorry, it seems that this should be in the hardware section. I'll keep that in mind next time.

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