-i'm a student and i have been given the task to develop a P2P Voip application in VB.net. .

- the program should work on Local network and adhoc network (and internet if possible) without server.

-The program should have an address book to add unlimited user name with the ip and the ability to call an individual using IP address.

-sip based protocol with G.711 and GSM audio codecs ( selectable)

-the software can pick IP address from the network and show it to the user.

-There should be a channel that let people know when one is connected so that

When someone joins the network, everybody having his address gets noticed. Others will not.

-No password or username required for it to be run on computer ( windows platform XP and above )

-The system should be encrypted (please specify the type of encryption).

-A maximum of ten(10) calls can be made simultaneously.

Please i need help and i will really appreciate if i can be given the source code (please Add your interface to it if possible).

please i really need help.

thanks in advance.