These files'print new.exe.config' and 'print new.vshost.exe.config' are created Automatically after Restart my system(Not Properly Shutdown).After open the project and run.It shows Error Like 'MY ATTACHMENT'

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Are you saying those two files are created when your computer crashes while your program is running? That's an odd behavior, never heard of that one. You need to check your program code to see what caused it to crash your computer. What version of MS-Windows are you running, and what compiler did you use to compile your program?

No Dragon,I'm not try to say Create those files after my computer crashed .My pblm is i don't have idea about that files and error(My attachment) and also in my VS 2008 Solution explorer,Properties and datasources,etc all are placed different locations(If every time i open vs 2008 first i arrange the files properly and then i enter coding).I hope u understand my problem..That's why i need your suggestion..

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