I am currently enrolled in a QBASIC class, where we use QBASIC 4.5 in a Windows XP environment.

But for some reason, I am unable to get them to work properly at home. Specifically, my screen seems to only allow enough vertical room for a LOCATE to reach about 22 or 23, whereas at school we frequently use that as the middle of the screen (and LOCATE can go as high as 40 or so).

Thus, something like LOCATE 22,24 tends to crash with an Invalid System Call. So, how do I fix this? I want to be able to work on my programs at home, too...


Try passing the -h switch to QBASIC on the shortcut properties. The -h switch makes the QBAISC window come up in "high resolution", more than likely why you deal with line counts greater than 24 in class.

Keep in mind, QBASIC is OLD, and was designed and quite popular when the maximum resolution in a CLI (Command Line Interface) was 80x24 (80 characters wide, by 24 characters high).

The reason LOCATE 22, 24 crashes without the -h switch is because line 24 is technically not on the screen.