I created this page. it contains textareas and checkboxes. when user enters information or check any of the checkboxes. this translates to a conditioned query.i achieve this using javascript. u can find the url @


try entering gibberish and any of the fields and click on the fetch applicants button.

it should check the database for possible qualified entries.

I test this on my local pc at home. it works very fine. on my local machine it executes fine

for example on my local pc if i enter washington high in the secondary school textarea this is what i get

SELECT * FROM Applicants WHERE (secSchName like \'%washington high%\') LIMIT 0, 1

but when i upload it to my webhost machine. it introduces extra slashes as shown below.
how do i stop this from happening.

You have an error in your SQL syntax. Check the manual that corresponds to your MySQL server version for the right syntax to use near '\\\'%washington high%\\\') LIMIT 0, 1' at line 1

SELECT * FROM Applicants WHERE (secSchName like \\\'%washington high%\\\') LIMIT 0, 1

I dont know why, but maybe I can help. I at least know why there are three slashes!

Im sure you know that a back slash makes the next character literal.

The best example is a string that looks like this
var = "here is a \"quote\""

you know that you need to have \" like this in a string because otherwise it will interfere with the outer quotes which define the string as a whole. Well for some reason the code is anticipating needing a literal quote and doing this

So, The first \ makes the second \ literal. the third \ makes the ' literal. It wants the end result to be \'

Like I said I dont know enough about what your doing to help you solve but at least I can help with explaining that much...

good luck

Brad W.