Which language are demanding ASP.Net/ PHP.
I'am very confuse for these languages.Because i'am lerning one language plz guide me.



Bro, its better you first learn programming instant of learing langauge, every language has common structure with additional features and different syntax. Once you will have complete understanding that what are the language ingredients e.g. variables, loops and database model etc then you only need to get familar with syntax that you even don't need to memorize. Better start from Asp.Net since it is easy to learn but also get familar with PHP once you have some grip on .Net.

commented: be sure all language have common structure For example javac# complete oops but c++ not complete oops so some common structure missing in C++ +0

Hello osamabaqi,

Don't confuse friend.All the languages having same object oriented concepts.Read these OOPS concepts carefully and practice the examples.You have to improve only your logic for programming.

commented: Be sure about your answer ...what he ask what you tols .. he ask web developpment language ...you told for may be scripting language +0

Hi Dude.,
I will tell feature of both of them.Your wish to select which one is best suite you select it

ASP.NET is developed by Microsoft technologies it support many scripting languages C#,visual c++,J#,F#,VB.net,etc., but php support one scripting language (java script excluded) php developed by community no standard is changeable on day to day.ASP.net is propratery software and php is free software

i suggest ASP.NET

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