can anyone help me. my blog home page is not getting crawled by the google adsense crawlers. it is showing crawl errors for my home page. can anyone help me in this issue. my blog is www.codershunt.com

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it is showing crawl errors for my home page

Which errors ?

it is showing a 404 error that my blog home page www.codershunt.com/ is not getting crawled. but it is opening properly if i open it manually.

Have you tried without your robots.txt ?

no what is it ? how to use ?

You have it in your web-root. Try removing it, if there is no difference, just put it back again (so make a copy first). For more info google "robots.txt".

You may want to establish a webmaster's account with Google, and submit your site. You can then get more detailed information about Google's crawlers and other stats.


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