So I have a default installation of WAMP on my computer (it is turned to online) and I can't access it on LAN. I tried installing it on another computer and it worked fine, so it isn't anything to do with my router. I am completely stumped as to what my be wrong, is anyone able to give me any ideas?

Perhaps your firewall?

So are you saying that you cannot access the resource from within your LAN? Can you get to it from a remote network?

If this resource is within your LAN using a private IP behind your router's public IP address, it is common for consumer based routers not to be able to access a NAT'd IP from within the local area network.

When you are within your network are you accessing this resource using the public IP or private IP?

Im using the internal ip. I dont think it is to do with trhe router because it worked fine on the other computer.

I added an exception into my firewall (and even disabled it at one point) and it still wasnt working.