I am new to web development, my friend ask me to help in developing a website for her company.

Her company business nature is about dance and interactive art

If I use wordpress, could it be suitable?

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It's going to be really challanging for anyone to advise you based on the information you have provided so far. The only advise is that using a CMS solution like Wordpress will make it easier for managing the content especially is web development is not a strength. Now if Wordpress is appropriate for the requirements is something you will need to investigate in more detail.

Set up a Wordpress site and give it a try.

just got some feedback from the client. she said the aim is to just a page for showing
About us
Sample as:

A facebook is opened for more showing more updates.

I would think a CMS is an overkill here since you can just work with a provider to set up a website from a template that is meant for a site with a few pages of static content. That would cost just a few bucks per month and your client can be up and running by the end of the day.

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