Hello guys,

Don't know if this is the related thread to post this sort of question so i ask a mod to move it if necesary.

I have some custom Like buttons on my website for twitter, facebook and Gplus (but think that is the same thing) and i want to get the number of likes and put it in a filed in the button. At the moment i have some numbers but they need to be inserted manually, not the right way i konw but i don't know how to link this things.

If necesary i'll post the link to the website, if you can't figuere what i'm talking about(don't want my post to be considerd spam.)

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I am not sure about others but facebook like button shows how many likes are there.
Show the link of website to get more info.


You may want to consider using a service like AddThis. You put code that they give you in your page and they keep track of the clicks and shares for you.

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