I know apache exists, and the WAMPP, but i would like to know the handler settings for PHP on Windows 8 IIS, it would really be helpful.

I was thinking it might be the same as with windows 7, but i am not getting the mapping parts.

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Perhaps this guide will help.

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pritaeas' comment was the 100% fact, windows 8's server technology has drastically changed. WS3C in removed in windows 8 which is capable of handling online games. like CABAL Online... WARCRAFT and DIABLO online. so as for PHP. MICROSOFT KICKS it's own ass to create an application called Microsoft WebMatrix. It's a hybrid server. meaning to say both PHP and ASP.NET is capable of that. try to look for that APP, very handy.

Well I did the same thing as in Windows 7. And guess what it worked. On the start section just go for IIS, and guess what all the settings are the same. PHP Configurations are to be set the same way and walla. It would run your php.

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