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Before you jump into server side scripting, you definately should spend as much time as you can with the basics.

When I decided to learn web development, I picked up asp.net first and used visual studio to develop. The IDE makes it easy to drop controls on the page but I found myself struggling when I wanted to introduce anything into my design that was not readily available in the tool. Once I stopped and started from the very beginning, it made a world of difference.

Start with HTML and CSS, then JavaScript, AJAX, then jQuery. Finally, go back to Java. Just my two cents worth.


Okay thanks for the help :D


I've been trying my best to read books on Java and Ajax no luck

Are you sure you mean "Java" and not "JavaScript"? They're two different things, and the latter is much more closely related to AJAX.

As stated, get good at HTML and CSS first. JavaScript doesn't make much sense if you can't work with HTML and CSS.

EDIT: Sorry, had this thread open from earlier, didn't see the update before posting.

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It's okay @EvolutionFallen

And yeah They are different.

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