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Huh? I'm confused by your question. Just how to have a website that is SEO friendly? There's thousands of things ... there's a whole industry around it. Do you have any specific questions?


Read dani.s reply. SEO is a huge field. You can.t seriously be asking that question in a forum surely?

If you are serious I suggest you research it like every other one of us has had to do. Or pay somebody to do it for you. Google. Bing. Yahoo! The choice is yours.


This is funny. I was thinking to make a website seo friendly. I only need to add.

alt="keywords" in the code. Is that enough, I only know one thing. I am trying to sell templates. Other websites already "seo optimized" - that's the advertisement. I don't really understand what it means?

What's the difference between other website and my website? That's all what I need to know.


davy - there are no shortcuts to this. SEO techniques change constantly. What used to work 2 years ago, may be redundant or worse still, actively penalize you. You must research this yourself. The current craze is ... ah, I'll have to look it up, same as you.

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