Hello Daniweb,
I feel kind of awkward asking this but, I've been offered to make an adult portfolio website and I was wondering if I should display that I've made it, as well as display it on my websites portfolio.

I'm thinking not because I don't really want "smutt" related to my website.

I'm thinking not because I don't really want "smutt" related to my website.

It's probably the same for your other clients, I doubt they would like to be associated with an adult site.

My advice is never do anything you wouldn't want your friends and family (or clients) to know about. Sooner or later they will find out, and in the meantime you are just living a lie.

Have you actually made the site or are you just considering it? Personally, I would refuse. However, if you are trying to build a portfolio at the start of a career I can see why you might be considering it.

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Where is your moral compass pointing? If you think pornography is not exploitation then you have made a serious error. If this is some sort of dating site it may be a little different but I.d never do any work for this industry. I would not consider employing anybody who worked in that industry either. Just my opinion though.

Tough call, I understand Reverend Jim advice.

I would personally turn it down, I don't want to be developing a site and have family see I'm looking at adult images, I would be seriously questioned whether I'm working on a site for income or looking at adult images.

The website is for an escort but no I haven't started it. I've just had word that I might be asked to make one. With the adult content, that is what I'm contemplating. I'm just not sure, like I could do it but have no trace back to me, but that'll just annoy me because as I've just started a web development business I've only got a few clients and I like to take credit. So I'm in a bit of a delema, like the money is good, but I'm not sure if it's worth it.

It really depends imo. Also about the escort agency. I've build some in the past back in Holland, but they were legitimate high class escort agencies (with an official license) and no dodgy businesses. If you want to do it to fill your portfolio with work, then I also think you should not do it. If you need to get food on the table or want to use the project to grow your skills and to get better at what you do, then why not?

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This is worse IMO. Escort service - prostitution. I am not a prude and do not like to judge, but this is an area that I, and I would imagine many, MANY people would find abhorrent. You must do as you see fit. If you are only considering this purely on financial grounds, you may be a bigger whore than the cunt running those services.

If you do it or don't do it is not the point (if you need the funds go for it).
Don't put it on your Portfolio as a lot of people or companys will not want to be asosated with it as it can give bad press.So puting on your portfolio will actually hurt you portfolio .It does not matter if it above broad .People will always come to the wrong conclusion and go some were else.Hope that helps.

This is not just a black and white question. Are you in the situation that you can (financially) carry on without taking the project?
Do you have other work to fall back on? Do you already have a few decent projects to put on your resume?

True, maybe friends and family might look differently at you, but then again: how do they know? Either you've told them, or they visited the site. Just because you make the site, doesn't make you obligated to inform your family you do so, neither are you obligated to mention it on your resume (or on every version of it, after all: a resume should be looked at and filled with information that you want that particular company to see. If you apply for a job for the government, don't add it, if you apply for the position to build another site for another agency like this, go ahead and add it).

As far as I understand it from your posts, it isn't illegal, it isn't child pornography or any of that, and, depending on other contracts, it might be a plus to have on your resume (agreed, not if you apply for a national Bank or something), but if you ever apply and they want to know for sure you are capable to work in an environment where an employer wants to know you are prepared to work in an environment where the "clients privacy" comes first.

In the end, you will not be producing the content of the site, you'll be producing the site itself: a technical tool to be used by a company, and the site itself may be a work of art (on the technical side): login, security, ... you name it.

This will always be a matter of opinion. So, in my opinion, if you don't really need the money, and you don't feel comfortable with the idea of building such site: don't. In the end, the decision is yours, and should only be impacted by your current situation (both financial as personal convicions and feelings).

Hello Everyone,
I can already see the main answer, no. Money wise, I'm not exactly needing the money but I just wanted other peoples opinions before I actually get offered it. I haven't really got a problem with making it, I just don't really know if I should state that I've made those kind of websites, so I don't really care if people fine out (family and friends that is, not business clients, etc...).

Interesting question. Most of the answers tend to bring morals into it. In my part of the world (New Zealand) prostitution is legal, regulated, and there is a growing acceptance that it is contributing positively to society (providing employment, tearing down gender/sexual divisions, increasing awareness of safe sex, etc.).

So from a moral perspective, I would not have a problem accepting such a contract here in New Zealand. However, even with this moral aspect resolved, there are still ethical considerations in regards to constructing the website. These would include making sure that content is not easily accessible by underage people, and that relevant ethical advertising standards are not breached. For example, from the NZ advertising standards:

Advertisements should not employ sexual appeal in a manner which is exploitative and degrading of any individual or group of people in society to promote the sale of products or services.

So as far as I can see, if you are satisfied on a moral basis that what you are doing is not explotative or perpetuating an exploitative industry, AND you feel you are able to meet certain ethical obligations (which in this case also means that the prostitution agency is also willing to meet those obligations), then I see no reason why this shouldn't be a great oppurtunity for you to add a website to your portfolio.

In terms of explaining this to family/friends, well, I can only say that if you are satified at both a moral and an ethical level, then there should be no shame or need to make excuses. If for some reason this is not the case, then at least you can argue your project from a moral position of strength.

My company has rejected such a project not of moral issues but because our Sales and Demand (S&D) Manager didn't guaranteed that this was a serious business. If it were a serious business probably we would have done it , and would have created another company division , with each own logo + site e.t.c. . Over the years we have worked with some banks and pawnshops (it may seems provocative that I put those two in the same category , but think it twice). The question that I make to the company's S&D manager when he brings a proposal for such a job is simple: Would you like as a person to be associated in your friends with that business? Do you have any other arguments other than money , why did you accepted that job?

Even if a pawnshop is a serious business we don't add it in our portfolio, in one we have our logo in “created and developed by” in it because we think it as a great business. With small works that we have done for banks we don't want people to associate us with those , but if is something worth telling we advertise that. It all has to do with what you like to have your name (or company's name) associated with.

Personally as a user I have no idea about escort sites , but I have been few times in dating sites facing technology that is really old and UI's that are terrible (e.g. (un)responsive vs mobile versions ) . If we had created something entirely new for those and that would be in the edge of technology , then yes that would be in our portfolio. ( It is easy to say “escort” is something awful (and it is in my personal sense , I wouldn't go for it) but there is a reason that it is legal to have people in their own mind do what ever they like in a controlled by the state environment)