Ok i am making something and i am not sure what, firstly it was going to be a bit like a search engine but then i got carried away on other features and now i dont even know what i am making! Its nothing complicated just i am slightly bored and have nothing better to do with my time :lol:

It can be seen at: http://www.youngcoders.com/search/search

Basically its makes diffrent responses according to diffrent queries, for example:

If you input anything that could resemple and ip address it says you entered an ip.

If you enter you own ip it states that you entered your own ip.

If you enter a valid email address it states you entered a valid email.

If you enter a phone number it states you entered a phone number.

if you type "/say" followed by some text then it echoes out the text that followed in large writing in the center.

It logs the last searches ip, operating system, web browser, and referal url.

Any ideas of more features i could add and what am i making?

Cool. I see that you added a neat feature where you get a 404 Not Found error when people visit the page. Friggin' A.