I just wanted to point out a few things I notice about the new DaniWeb.

In IE6 based browsers it is hogging 25-50% or more CPU every time I click on something in the new site. It never returns to normal, and periodically spikes to 25% without clicking on anything.

In FF3.5.2 I see about half these numbers, but this is still way too high nonetheless. This PC should work at 0%.

Also the pull down menus are not working in IE6 at this time.

I'm running a pretty nice computer here in 64 bit mode (click my profile for info on it); I probably would not have noticed, except for the fact that this site now makes my fan run louder than other sites do!

I'm not complaining, I only want to help get the bugs out :)

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I am willing to bet that this is due to third party ads.

That was my guess as well. Thanks for the reply. I'm going to mark this as solved, because I use firefox to get around the drop downs not working in IE<7, and buying a new computer to fix the fan noise & CPU useage :P


Incidentally ... has the problem been reduced the last day or two?


Now I have daniweb open in Avant, FF, and Safari with 0-1% cpu useage. Back to normal :)

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