hi, im new to daniweb but i dont know were else to turn

I have posted this same thread on intels community and 200 veiws later, no one has gotten back to me with any possible solution.

last month i had given my friend a Gateway 500x desktop computer as an upgrade from there windows ME machine

I have restored this computer multiple times and this is the first time i have ever had this issue

before i gave it to him, i did a complete system restore loading Win XP media center edition along with complete updated drivers, everything was working just fine. now i go and hook it up and the internet wont work. i tryed to reinstall the driver and do manual connections and it still wouldnt work. after i did all of that, the motherboard wont reconize the DVD/CD drives or any other accesory. at this point the ethernet port has completely vanished from the system so i did another clean install. the problem is still there!! it is extremly frustrating and at this point i do not know what to do.

what i think is it could be a potential BIOS problem

i have replaced the motherboard and processor about 4 years ago

specs are:

Intel Celron D 2.6 GHz

El Paso motherboard? (i dont know exactly, its the most common)

768 Mb of RAM

windows XP Pro 32-bit

80 Gb ATA Hard Drive

i would really like to know how to resolve this problem

First I would check the BIOS setup and see what it is seeing. If the BIOS setup (CMOS) is seeing the CD ROM and other items then look for an option to "Reset Configuration data" in the section that has the PCI IRQ settings and set it to YES. When you reboot it will return to NO after a clean boo to the OS. Let me know what happens.

ok good news, the BIOS problem is fixed, everything is there that needs to be and its booting properly

new problem, it is not connecting to the internet still
the port says its connected with "100 mbps" and its "limited or no connectivity". I tryed the repair feature, didnt work, i used CP and the ipconfig line; the default gateway was blank. the internet provider is still giving them service.

could this be an authentication issue or a port configuration problem?

Did you reset the local modem or gateway. Check for link light on network port and on modem/gateway. If no link light check or replace cable. IF there is another computer find out what it's settings are and mimic them adding 1 to the ip address it has (i.e. if the other computer is use for the address on this computer) and the same gateway and netmask.

you should have used xp home or professional this is the reason why....when xp Media Center Edition it was released ad a multimedia software...different from the xp home and professional ..It is an xp but this is designed to use with different devices not connected to our systems today......you should wipe the entire harddrive clean and yes the mirror as well and install a new xp home or pro this time...
find the divers from gateway for the modell no and serial no that will tell you what you will need.. and one other thing ..according to the stats you gave u need at leas 2 GB of disk space to use XP and bump up the ram to at least 1 GB for better performance

XP media center edition is XP pro with a media center on it, thats the only difference. plus they do alot of multimedia stuff and thats why i loaded XP media center

the RAM is max out, if i add more to the motherboard, problems WILL occur